12th and 13th January 2018
Bengaluru, India

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GO-JEK is Indonesia’s first unicorn is currently the fastest growing start-up in South Asia and the largest in Indonesia in terms of valuation, funding raised and a number of transactions. Having started as a bike-taxi hailing business, the start-up grew more than 900X (that's 90,000%) in just 18 months and diversified into food delivery, one-hour courier delivery, grocery delivery and has even aggregated trucks on its platform. It has partnered with over 900,000 two wheel and four wheel drivers and 5,000 trucks across Indonesia, all of whom, collectively cover an average distance of 7 million kilometers each day.

In October 2017, GO-JEK had raised over $1.2 billion in a new round of funding led by Tencent holding and in August 2016, $550 million in the previous funding by KKR and Warburg Pincus LLC, the largest ever for an Indonesian technology start-up. GO-JEK is now the largest food delivery company in the world outside the China market and is the equivalent of three Indian Unicorns combined in the transport, food delivery, and payments markets.

With over 40 million app downloads, GO-JEK's platform powers the Indonesian equivalents of Indian Taxi Aggregators, Food Delivery Start-Ups, HyperLocal Start-Ups, Digital Wallet startups and Home Service based startups, all in one, at a comparable scale. Its GO-FOOD business alone does more daily orders than all Indian food tech start-ups combined.

nilenso is an employee-owned technology co-operative based out of Bangalore, India.

Over the five-ish years of our existence, we have grown into a team of designers and developers tackling challenges in data science and experimentation, machine learning runtimes, complex systems integration, large data set analysis, and low-latency real-time systems.

We've delivered projects in a variety of languages/platforms: Clojure/ClojureScript, Haskell/PureScript, Java, Go, Ruby/Rails, and Javascript/node.js. You can read about some of our work here: https://nilenso.com/recent-tech.html.

Helpshift is a digital customer service platform. We bridge the disconnect between conventional customer service channels and the growing need of consumers who prefer messaging-based support over phone calls, emails and web-forms.

Through Helpshift’s AI-Powered Customer Service Platform, organizations can harness the power of deep learning, artificial intelligence, and chatbots to provide fast, personalized, and cost-effective customer service at scale.

One third of today’s top-grossing mobile apps and forward-thinking businesses around the world like Microsoft, Comcast Xfinity, Zynga and Honeywell use Helpshift to provide exceptional support on their mobile apps, desktop apps, web and mobile sites.

FORMCEPT is a Unified Data Analysis platform that helps enterprises derive actionable insights from large volumes of external and internal data quickly, thereby significantly reducing the data-to- decision conversion time. We empower 21st century leaders take mission-critical decisions that lead to timely outcomes.

Our flagship product, MECBOT, is an Open Cognitive Platform. With MECBOT we are transforming the way data analytics, deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and IoT interface with each other on a near real-time basis. This leads to superior efficiencies, smart monitoring, and intelligent resource management. Application of MECBOT cuts across diverse sectors such as Consumer Insights, FinTech, Sports, Energy and Power, Healthcare, Insurance and Education. Our solutions are available both as Software as a Service Model (SaaS) and as installable products.

Our investors include GVFL Limited, a pioneer VC fund in India, and CIIE, the technology business incubator of IIM Ahmedabad

WebEngage is a multi-channel user engagement platform which automates communication across users' life-cycle. It enables you to connect with them through these channels - Web Messages (notification, survey and feedback), In-App Messages, Push Notifications, Emails and Text Messages. WebEngage builds enriched user profiles for every single user (registered, as well as anonymous) using your website and/or mobile app. Moreover, you can - segment- these users based on their behaviour, and engage with them via multiple channels.

In a nutshell, WebEngage automates user engagement and helps you retain and grow your user base. Going steady on the mission to humanize all of the world's websites and mobile apps, we are assisting thousands of customers in 50+ countries. From enterprises like eBay, Lynda, Sendgrid, MakeMyTrip, Avaya, Souq, etc. to thousands of startups worldwide, we are helping them - Engage, Retain and Grow.